What Makes Formative Assessment Successful? Student Engagement!



I like to use the term “activity” for a formative assessment because it includes an active role for students.  Read more about this ideas in “Response: The ‘Secret Sauce’ Of Formative Assessment” at this link:  http://blogs.edweek.org/teachers/classroom_qa_with_larry_ferlazzo/2014/12/response_the_secret_sauce_of_formative_assessment.html

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Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP)

Great resource on sheltered instruction observation protocol (SIOP).

Words From the Hartnett

I have been studying a lot of different approaches (Grammatical, Communicative, and Cognitive) to teaching CLD students over the past few weeks. My favorite approach so far is the Communicative approach and, more specifically the Sheltered Instruction method. One model of SI is the sheltered instruction observation protocol (SIOP). In essence, it’s just good practice… but for and CLD student, it could make a huge difference. See the link below for more information.


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